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Our relationship with Thousand CPA Services, LLC began in 2009. At first, I was apprehensive about switching accounting firms but soon realized this was the best move for my company. Immediately I noticed the attention to detail and the vast knowledge Nicole and her team have in the accounting industry. They always exceed my expectations.
Sarah Mabry – Title Resources, LLC

Nicole and her staff are an AMAZING contribution to my clients. Their bookkeeping services free up time for our clients to focus on core, revenue generating tasks for their businesses. The staff at Thousand CPA Services constantly over-delivers on their promises, they let nothing fall through the cracks, and they help our clients maximize their potential… everything you look for in a business partnership.
Shannon Jackson
ADP Small Business Services
Senior District Manager

Thousand CPA Services, LLC was very helpful in filing my tax return for 2011. They use a very nice online portal to help guide you through gathering and reporting all of your tax information. On the portal you can also upload copies of your tax forms (W-2, 1098, etc.) for the accountants to review. This really helped me stay organized. Thousand CPA Services, LLC was prompt to answer any questions of mine and had my tax return ready to file really quickly. Not to mention that I was able to do it all from the comfort of my home and office. I would recommend Thousand CPA Services, LLC to any of my coworkers, family, and friends.
Chuck Roberts
Chemical Engineer, Ameren Missouri

We really enjoy working with the Thousand CPA Services Team.  They are thorough and efficient in preparing our annual tax returns, and their tips and advice throughout the year are very helpful in arranging our personal finances. Ken and Julie Townsend

Go Thousand CPA! I was lost but now I'm found!
Debbie Mitchell

I found them on the Internet and scheduled a meeting to review my tax returns from the prior years and talk to them about my current tax situation. I have always had my taxes done by a friend in Cleveland OH, and just never took the time to find a new one. I scheduled through email and quickly got a response back. (I had emailed a couple places and this is the only one that actually returned my email) I scheduled a time and I think a week out to meet with them. When I arrived, I met with Nicole Thousand and we discussed my current situation and what she needed to take over my taxes and help me with other financial needs. I must say that I was very impressed and that she has made the transition very simple and easy and I feel full confidence in her services. Everyone I have met there has been extremely helpful and polite. If anyone still needs to get their taxes done, or needs advise for their business this is definitely a phone call you need make.
Bill Dauben

Nicole is a detail oriented professional that knows how to work with people. When I refer Nicole, I have the confidence of knowing my clients will like her and that she will take great care of them. She is a pleasure to work with and know!
Claire Fidler
District Manager, ADP

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